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Signerad : "J B (G?) Pla(zer)". Dansande och drickande sällskap med musikanter i palatsinteriör. Figurrik scen. Plåten fästad under träram. Förgylld ram med bladornament. Ramlistens bredd 50 mm. Skrivet på papperslapp : "LV" under krona och : "152". Dancing scene with palace interior. The painting depicts a scene of bacchanalian inspiration with a large company of figures dancing and drinking in a palace. The costumes suggest that the scene is of historical or mythological origin, possibly from the Odyssey. In Austria there were never an actual breaking point between the baroque and the rococo. For a large part of the 18th century there was more of a fusion of the two that over time transcended into the new styles and ideas of the times. The paintings of Johann Georg Platzer are in many ways a product of that blending of styles.

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Antal 1
Datering 1730 – 1735


Inskription LV
Föremålsnummer 3216_SKO