The baths of Bathe. Or, a necessary compendiovs treatise concerning the nature, vse and efficacie of those famous hot waters: pvblished for the benefit of all such, as yeerely for their health, resort to those baths: with an aduertisement of the great vtilitie that commeth to mans body, by the taking of physick in the spring, inferred vpon a question mooued, concerning the frequencie of sicknesse, and death of people more in that season, then in any other. Whereunto is also annexed a censure, concerning the water of Saint Vincents rocks neere Bristoll, which begins to grow in great request and vse against the stone. By To. Venner, Doctor in Physick in Bathe. London, printed by Felix Kyngston for Richard Moore, and are to be sold at his shop in Saint Dunstans churchyard in Fleetstreete, 1628.


Föremålsbenämning Bok
Kategori Böcker
Storlek Arkets vikning 4:o
Datering 1628, 1600 (1628; 1600 (bandets tillverkning); 1628 (tryckår))
Tillverkningsplats London
Tillverkare Kyngston, Felix (Tryckare), Venner, Tobias (Författare), Moore, Richard (Förläggare)
Föremålsnummer 108822_SKOBOK